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If you have the other set of Harry Potter LEGO, this is the MUST HAVE set, because this is like the ultimate set of Harry Potter LEGO among the other LEGO Harry Potter Toys.


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Best Mother's Day Gift Ever As crazy as it sounds, I asked my two almost-grown sons to get me a Harry Potter Lego set for Mother's Day. Flowers are nice, cards are sweet, but I wanted a present that would last for years and maybe even increase in value. And the bonus? I get to spend quality time with my boys reliving the fun of building Lego sets, and the memories we share while building the Harry Potter sets are wonderful. The set that I opened on Mother's Day was....ta-da...Diagon Alley! Great choice, and I get to be a kid again along with them when we construct it later this week. (with HP movie music playing in the background) It will look great with our other Legos on display. (By : BricksFan)


A Must-Have For Any Lego Harry Potter Collector! This is a truly gorgeous set. I purchased this for my husband for his first Father's Day, and we have had so much fun putting it together. The set is a bit expensive, but it is essentially three buildings in one, plus a few small stands (cauldron stand, an owl stand, and a hat stand). The details in this set are incredible; Potter fans will be excited to see how much care was put into the design. For example, there are small copies of the Quibbler, the Daily Prophet, and the Marauder's Map for the characters to carry, and there's a wanted poster of Sirius Black for the side of Ollivander's. It's actually a great value for the number of items that are included, and it's challenging enough to take a couple of days to build.

First, there's Ollivander's Wand Shop. This is a two-story building in green, tan, blue, and black. The window design is incredibly well done. Inside, you've got some wand shelves, a desk for Ollivander, a ladder to get to the second floor, and a few other surprises. Both the inside and outside are well detailed.

Second is Borgin and Burke's, a set in gray, black, and green. Despite the fact that this building is actually in Knockturn Alley and not Diagon Alley, I'm really glad it was included in the set. The building contains a number of surprises, not the least of which is an actual vanishing cabinet and a Floo entrance that spins. The attention to detail is remarkable. That being said, I would have liked to have seen a few more "dark objects" to scatter about the store--maybe a hand display or the silver and opal necklace, for instance.

Third is my personal favorite piece, Gringott's. It's a beautiful white and gold building. It includes a desk and a vault, as well as numerous little touches that make it seem like a bank. It also folds, which is pretty neat.

Minifigures include Harry, Ron (in a cute little sweater), Hermione, Fred and George Weasley, Mr. Ollivander, two Goblins, Hagrid, Lucius Malfoy, and Fenrir Greyback.

Overall, I think Lego outdid itself with this set. By : poptarts1113 (Plymouth Meeting, PA USA)



I just love the Architecture. I could not fully appreciate the architecture of the structures until they were built. The curved bank of windows in Ollivander's shop and colors used in Borgin and Burke's are both beautiful. I love the slanted columns and the ability to close the back of Gringott's Bank. I only wish that the structures had been slightly bigger so that action play with the figures could have been easier. My child and I are both huge Harry Potter fans, and we both loved this set. (By : sems )


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LEGO Harry Potter Toys are all I want for Christmas present. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and after the final movie released, it makes me more a fan of Harry Potter. This LEGO Harry Potter castle is my favourite! (Jonny, 15 yeats old)

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I was a little nervous about puchasing this lego set because of the price.. but it is well worth the money! An absolutely incredible set! It took me 10 hours to complete it. :)

(By : Laney )

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