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LEGO Diagon Alley

This Diagon Alley LEGO is one of the series of Harry Potter LEGO series. This is the biggest among the other Harry Potter LEGO sets. This is also the most expensive among the other sets. Despite of the price, the value of this set is just great because it consist of 2095 pieces. The official price is $149,99, which means you only pay less than 7.5 cents per piece for this LEGO Harry Potter Toys. It is still quite cheap.

This is the unique set compared with the other Harry Potter LEGO sets. There are many new and different things in this set that makes Diagon Alley LEGO one of the coolest Harry Potter LEGO set.

LEGO DIagon Alley consists three cool buildings with their unique accesories. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, especially if you like LEGO Harry Potter Toys you surely don't want to miss this. The three buildings are Ollivander's magic wand shop, Borgin and Burke's, and Gringott's Bank. Each of the building has their own style and different characteristic and each of them has realistic deatils, equipped with cool accesories both inside the building and in the town, outside the buildings.


This LEGO Harry Potter Toys presents three buildings.

LEGO Diagon Alley - Olivander's Shop

What makes this building unique is the accesories inside it like many extensive selection of wands in Olivander's Store, storage shelves and a ladder that allows Ollivander to gather wands from the top floor. The Olivander's front desk has an "exploding" function like in the movie if you remember when a spell goes awry for those inconvenient times. Playing this will make a lot of fun.


Ollivanders measures 8″ (20 cm) high and 5″ (13 cm) wide!

LEGO Diagon Alley - Borgin and Burke's

In this building there are 'glow in the dark' pieces. Very cool! Dark and green building, creepy looks with may accesories like plants with flowers on the roof, antique store sign, include the scary skeleton minifigure. Don't forget about door and skylight that can be opened and closed. To add the element of fun, there is a fireplace attached to the Floo Network and a Vanishing Cabinet that Dark wizards might use to sneak into Hogwarts.


Borgin and Burkes measures 8″ (20 cm) high and 7″ (18 cm) wide!

LEGO Diagon Alley - Gringott's Bank

This is an impressive two-story building with large double doors, and also featuring a chandelier and 'wonky' support pillars. This building is expandable, can be opened to become into one large building or closed to create one smaller building. There is a removale vault inside the bank, which is the place to save the red crystal (sorcerer's stone) and some gold coins. There is also a clerk's desk; the place where the goblin works. The interior of this building is decorated with lighting staffs, cool paintings, and dingling chandelier. I love to build this LEGO Harry Potter Toys!

Gringotts Bank measures 8″ (21 cm) high and 4″ (10 cm) wide when closed, 8″ high and 9″ (23 cm) wide when opened wide!


Completed model (depending on how much space is allocated between individual parts) measures 24″ (60 cm) long and 12″ (30 cm) deep and 8″ (21 cm) high!